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In this fast-paced and mindless rhythm of life that most business people live in, the first thing they neglect is their health. Unfortunately, most of them realize this only when it's too late.

But there is really no reason for that, because they just need to change their mindset and realize that if a person is healthy and if his body and mind work flawlessly, he will be more productive in his job, and happier and more satisfied in life in general.

Just as successful business people have business advisers, I believe they should also, even more importantly - have health advisors. And that's why I designed the Health Advisor service.

Because, with my knowledge of healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, meditation and everything else that can raise human health and productivity to a higher level, I aim to help successful business people, managers, entrepreneurs and all others who want to take unleash their true potentials.

With a personalized diet and exercise program, and very simple and immediately useful tips to improve productivity in all walks of life, I can significantly affect the health and quality of life of business people in a very short time.

There is really no reason not to be successful in your business and at the same time to be of superior health and to look like an athlete in a suit.

You just need my professional guidance and some goodwill on your part.

Due to the highly personal approach, I work with only a handful of serious business people who want to change something and are very dedicated, persistent and focused.

If you see yourself in all of the above and want to dramatically improve your quality of life and productivity, please contact me for more information and I look forward to our potential collaboration.

  • 2000 euros for 8 weeks.
  • Personalized training program and personalized nutrition program.
  • Tips for improving productivity at work.
  • High quality video demonstration exercises with clear and detailed instructions.
  • Video of the morning routine and my book as a gift.
  • 16 online calls (8 per month) to monitor progress and motivation.
  • Unlimited online support for the duration of the program.
  • Access to a premium online platform with video demos.
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